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We see what I was talking about in my earlier post really hammered in here. Usagi’s obviously pretty disappointed she didn’t do well at the game, but when Ami completely excels at it, she doesn’t act the slightest bit resentful, even though most people would feel a little bit upset that someone just instantly outperformed them in something they’d been doing  longer. Not Usagi, though. She had nothing but awe and admiration for Ami for being so good at this, and she’s so genuinely supportive and proud and happy that Ami totally beasted this game.

She cheerleads her and offers her love without a resentful bone in her body. She has no thought of competitiveness, all she can think is “what an awesome lady I can look up to, let me love her, I want to be like her and be there for her”. 

And this is probably the first time Ami has gotten such support and admiration from someone her age, such love, and it transforms her. For once, she doesn’t have to feel ashamed or sad that she’s so smart and picks up things so fast. She can allow herself to feel good about herself, because Usagi is there to support her.

That’s Usagi’s real superpower- she’s unconditionally accepting and supportive of people in ways other can’t be, she never resents people who are different or prejudges someone- she wants to love others, support and admire them in their ambitions/ She does so to other women in a global society where women are told to compete with each other- she says fuck that.  And she shows people the power of feeling comfortable with themselves and changes their lives. 

It’s really great that Usagi showed kids that being accepting of others, especially people who were treated as different, is the most important thing to be.

Moon Pride really has the perfect lyrics for this episode. “I want to support you indeed”.

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